Growing Together

Today we are 18 months old and it feels like yesterday we opened the doors to AFO. I could not be happier with the quality if members that have joined our family!!!

Each day, it seems, someone else texts, calls, or just stops by to tell me how their progress is going. It is unbelievable to me the strides that have been taken by our members. Whether it is the loss of weight or the PRs (personal records), it is all fantastic.

The members here at AFO are working outside their comfort zones day in and day out!!! Members are trying CrossFit WODs (Workout of the Day), doing some Olympic lifting and completing races and competitions that they may have never thought they would do.

This is why we opened up. We wanted to develop a family atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable in and grow as one.

Thanks so much for contributing to our fantastic facility!!!!

P.S. Even the Beard is competing to make you proud of where you workout!!! Take a look at the photo below. The Beard managed to finish 8th out of 26 competitors this past weekend in Event 1 of the Bend the Bar Hampton Roads Series!!! Thanks for the motivation!!!






1 Gym 1 Family

To all of our AFO family and friends,

Recently we’ve been the victims of some unpleasant and troublesome posts from people that we do not know nor belong to our “gym community” here at Anytime Fitness Oceanfront. As most of our “daily grinders” in the gym know, we have been posting our favorite kinds of WODs and will continue to do so for the next 60 days, hero WODs!!! Because so many of our members look to us for motivation, and because of the amazingly positive responses we get from doing these crucial workouts ourselves and from our members, we post these workouts and do them with the utmost respect to the heroes that gave the ultimate sacrifice to us! Now we are being asked to “prove” that we, AFO, give back and support our military. Again, as lots of our members know, we do just that and are very open and upfront about the support we give to our military; active, retired and fallen, daily. Our members know when we hold fundraisers, and many know when we ourselves attend events, do workouts and donate generously to many organizations such as but not limited to the Naval Special Warfare Community, Wounded Wear and directly to funds for families of fallen heroes. One of the owners of AFO is retired military himself and we have so many wonderful active and retired members that join all of us side by side in the gym every day. And as many of our closest members know just how close to home the tragedies of our fallen have hit us; ourselves personally and many of our own members’ families. Now, with these posts we feel the integrity of AFO is being questioned and because we feel AFO’s members are like family to us, I feel they are questioning the integrity of all of you. If any member or potential member would ever like “such proof” of our direct support to our armed forces will be happy to discuss and provide such. We will not be bullied by outsiders to “post proof or else be the victims to bad publicity.” We will not be bullied by outsiders that go into family run businesses and try and intimidate with idle threats. We as American small business owners that have done nothing but serve our community, as well as try and show our members the utmost respect and value, will only continue and work hard to PROVE just that!!! To our members, to our friends and family, let’s get after it and see you soon in the gym!

Cool Monday Story

So a week ago Saturday one of our great AFO members went to the gym with his wife late in the afternoon. They completed their workout and proceeded to leave and head home.

Upon returning to their home, the wife, realizes she lost her watch (expensive might I add) somewhere. She remembered bringing the watch into the gym and putting it in her sweatshirt pocket. So being the kind husband, he returns to the gym only to find the watch sitting on top of the member cubbies!!!

Shocked and pleasantly surprised, he sends me this:


This is what makes AFO different. The family of honest citizens that has been formed over the past year is second to none!!!!

Thank you GRANT MEYERS for being such a great and honest part of the family!!!!

Sunday Morning

To be woken up at 8 a.m. cause your neighbor repetitively leave their gas on and it is bellowing into the gym, really doesn’t make for the best start to the day!!! Not only that how many fire engines and how much tax payers money do we need to utilize for carelessness!!!



At least it’s absolutely beautiful out!!! Sorry to the AFO members who had to cut their workouts short this fine Sunday morning.


Today is a special day for me and the Beard. Exactly 1 year ago today, AFO opened its doors officially for business. So is like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AFO!!!!!.

I remember being in the gym that first week thinking to myself, “I hope this works out”. It was a grueling year of construction, contractors, deliveries, decisions, pre-sale members, planning, setting up and opening up. But we did it all and opened the doors and we have been booming ever since.

I would like to send a little thanks out to my parents for helping make all of this happen and taking the gamble and journey with me. I know they are as stoked as I am with the fantastic member that we have at our facility.

I’d like to give a huge shout out to Amanda Cabrera and her staff with TOC, for not only growing their business, but ours as well. It’s only going to get better and better!!! You guys are rocking!!!

Thank you to all of the friends and family that stopped by during the process and for the continued support.

And lastly, but obviously the most important, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of the AFO MEMBERS, which now I think I would call all of you THE AFO FAMILY, cause without all of you, AFO doesn’t exist!!!

Year 1 is officially in the books. Nothing better than waking up each day and going to a job I love and seeing all of closest friends, not only getting fit, but enjoying our great gym, that we all have made together. Thank you again for making it possible!!!

From this:


To this:


Finally to this:




After a short hiatus, I decided that I would blog when I can. Blogging takes a lot of time and some days are just normal days and there isn’t anything to blog about. BUT TODAY is different. On Wednesday I came out if my office at AFO and saw one of our newer members, Jenna, getting ready to start her first WOD (workout of the day), with another member, Stephen Dodge, aka Patches O’Hoolihan.

Now why is this significant? Well when Patches first started at AFO he was what I like to call a “traditional lifter”. He would do his strength training body part by body part, like we were all taught at one time or another. Then one day, Patches saw me and the fellas cranking out our WOD and started to ask questions. Being that we, at AFO, encourage people to get out if their comfort zones and try new things, we invites Patches to join us the next day. Patches hasn’t looked back since.

So when I saw Patches now take Jenna under his wing, Wednesday and Thursday, it really showed me that we have become a really tight, welcoming, and comfortable establishment where people aren’t afraid to step out of the “norm” and try something new.

Thanks to all of you at AFO for making it one of the best fitness facilities in the area!!! And for getting us to another milestone……..600 STRONG!!!!!

DAY 24

Last night here at AFO the “GET FIT CHALLENGE” started and there were 7 participants that are looking to really get after it!!!


In the midst of the checking in and getting weights Kona managed to camp out and supervise the process!!!


I want to wish all of the participants GOOD LUCK!!!